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Best Way To Clean Grout 

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Best Way To Clean Grout- DIY Tile & Grout Cleaning

Hi, I'm Ellen Fagan, Owner of DIY Cleaning Solutions- A Division of Steam Clean My Carpets, LLC. 

Are you tired of your tile and grout not looking as bright and clean as it used to look? Are you looking for Best Way to Clean Grout without getting on your hands and knees with a toothbrush, bleach or some homemade tile & grout cleaning solution that just doesn't do the job? Well, I have found what works best after trying many solutions and techniques over the years. Our clients are just amazed at the results!

You see, I started Steam Clean Clean My Carpets, LLC many years ago to provide the best cleaning experience possible for cleaning carpets.  It was not long after that, that clients asked us to do the same for tile and grout, upholstery and rugs too.

Over time, we found there are many products and solutions that just do not work or work very poorly.  I am now developing a line of products that are what I call, "The Best of the Best Cleaning Solutions and Products."
As an example of this, I get many clients that have us clean their ceramic tile & grout after they have tried a homemade grout cleaning solution, bleach, baking soda or vinegar with a tooth brush.  They give up after deciding it is too much work and is very time consuming while not getting it as clean as it could come with professional strength cleaning solutions.  So, they call us to do it.
I want to show you how we do it for clients. We use the SAME DIY Tile & Grout Cleaner that is in our kits but we also use high pressured water under a dome. Since that isn't an option for most people, you can get similar results with our grout brush and elbow grease. We recently cleaned kitchen tile and grout for a client and she was amazed by the results. Here is the tile cleaning video. Her testimonial follows below the video.
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the cleaning of our carpets and tile, It looks brand new!!!! You have my permission to use pictures and video to show how great your system works and you have gained a loyal customer for life.


Kitchen Tile and Grout Before-After

Here is a restaurant with ceramic tile & grout that gets very dirty fast with all the foot traffic in the restaurant. We clean it on a regular basis.  The specialized equipment basically is cleaning the tile and grout with high pressured water under a dome with our DIY Tile & Grout Cleaner. 


It does a great job.  However, in this economy, some people want to save money and ask us the Best Way To Clean Grout for the Do It Yourself market. So we came up with a do it yourself DIY Tile and Grout Cleaning Kit.


So, here are the steps that I have found for the best way to clean grout for the do it yourself market.


Best Way To Clean Grout - Steps


Step 1: (Get Grout Brush)

Buy a V-shaped grout brush that can attach to a mop or broom stick.  This grout brush can be used to clean tile. It is designed with a V- shaped head so that it can fit nicely in grout lines for easy grout cleaning and for cleaning difficult corners.  The swivel connector pivots 180 degrees making it super easy to stay in grout lines. Here is a picture of the one that we prefer and we also sell in our tile and grout cleaning kit.

Grout Brush


Grout Brush with V-Tip


V-Shaped Grout Brush- Click Here to visit our store to purchase


Step 2: (Get Tile & Grout Cleaning Solution)

Now you need to find a professional strength cleaning solution for tile and grout cleaning.  There are many types out there from acidic to alkaline.  If you are going to use one product, I would suggest an alkaline based solution.  The acid based solutions work good too but I have found that a professional strength alkaline cleaning solution works best for most tile & grout cleaning projects. Out of all the solutions we have tried, this is our favorite.  You can check it out here: Tile & Grout Cleaning Solution It is available for purchase there at our store too. It does an amazing job and is the same solution we used in the video above when cleaning the restaurant each time.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Solution

Okay, let me show you Before and After Picture of a Kitchen Tile and Grout Cleaning Job and then we will go over the remaining steps. Here is the Before and After Picture. It was amazing!

Before & After Picture

Step 3: (Gather Everything for Project)

Gather everything that you will need for the tile and grout cleaning job.

Gather Everything for Project


Step 4: (Prepare your Solution)

Read the label on your tile and grout cleaning solution and dilute it with water in a mop bucket based on the dilution ratio suggested depending on the condition of your ceramic tile and grout.  The dirtier it is, the higher concentration of straight tile and grout cleaning solution you will want to use.

Prepare Cleaning Solution



Dilute with Water


Step 5: (Apply Solution)

Mop the solution carefully over the areas you are looking to clean being careful to not let it run into wood cabinets, furniture and anything else outside of the area you are looking to clean.  Also, be careful to not splash the solution on anything either. You will want to basically create a puddle of solution on the floor so that it can sink into the grout lines and do its' work.

Apply Solution


Step 6: (Assemble Grout Cleaning Brush)

Now get a standard broom handle and attach it to the grout brush. It should just twist right on the threads of the broom handle. 

Assemble Grout Cleaning Brush


Step 7: (Let Solution Dwell)

Let the solution dwell for 5 minutes or so as it starts dissolving dirt on the tile and grout.  Then get your grout brush (attach it to a mop handle or broom stick).  Slowly rub the brush over the grout lines and tile.  If the tile and grout are very dirty, you will see the dirt come up as the solution becomes very dirty looking.  You may have to repeat steps 5 and 7 more than once depending on how dirty the tile and grout are.  Once you get all the dirt out that is going to come up, move on to step 8.  Please note that over the years, grout can get blemishes.  It is not unusual to have blemishes that won't go away.  As grout deteriorates over the years, you can get these along with cracks and pits in the grout.

Scrub with Grout Brush



Deep Cleaning of Grout



Keep scrubbing with Grout Brush


Step 8: (Rinse Off Solution)

Take a regular mop with clean water and mop the area just cleaned with water.  You will want to repeat this process several times until the solution is completely removed from the tile and grout.  At that point, you will see no bubbles from the solutions.

Rinse Off Solution


Step 9: (Towel Dry)

Take some towels and towel dry the tile & grout.  After this, it may take and hour or two to completely dry.  Since grout is a type of cement mixture.  It will take many hours to fully dry and see the results. While it is still wet in areas, it will look like it is still dirty.  This is normal.  Remember what sidewalk looks like when it rains. It darkens. It is the same concept here and it dries in stages, so it may look patchy until completely dry.  :)

Towel Dry


Step 10: (Review Your Work)

Now review your work to see if there are any area that still need attention. If so, you may need to repeat the cleaning process in those areas to make sure all the dirt is removed. You may want to try straight solutions (fully concentrated) just to make sure all the dirt is removed. Remember, grout does deteriorate over time and you may have some blemishes. Also, some things may permanently blemish grout such as Tabasco sauce.

You are now done cleaning your tile and grout.  It is at this point that you may want to seal the tile and grout.  However, do this only if you are not going to use anything harsh when cleaning the tile and grout. For instance, vinegar is an acid and over time it will eat away at the sealant.  We have a maintenance cleaning solution that is PH neutral so as to not remove the sealant when doing regularly maintenance cleaning.  It works very well.  You can check it out here: Tile & Grout Maintenance Cleaning Solution You can also purchase it there at our store

Also, we sell a mop on sealant that actually is applied to the tile and grout.  It works nicely and lengthens the time until you will need to do the deep cleaning of your tile and grout again.  If you are interested, you can find it here: Tile and Grout Sealant It is also available to purchase in our store there.


Review Your Work


Step 11: (Optional- The Sealant Step)

If you want to prolong the time between deep cleaning of your tile and grout, you will want to seal it. Our DIY Tile & Grout Sealer is easy to mop-on full strength (no dilution). It works great! Just mop it on and let it dry. Don't put a thick coating on but just a thin layer over the tile and grout. It will take a couple hours to fully dry.  :)

Apply Sealant


Finished Product- Amazing!


Before and After Picture


So, that is it!  These are the steps that I found for a do it yourselfer to best clean tile and grout on your own.   Good luck!

Best Way To Clean Grout

Ellen Fagan


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